Xkit mobile

Just downloaded it. It’s neat but a little weird.

It’ll take time getting used to but I think for my mental sake and hopefully for the sake of my blog and friendship it’ll work.

Maybe in time I will feel like it’s ok/safe to draw Gru and Kairo again. Even just for my own enjoyment with no posting publicly.

I’m laying here just…really sad. I miss my otp Gru and Kairo (Gruiro) A LOT. It just feels like I’m the only one that wants just them together anymore.

I want to draw them. I want to write about them. But I feel like I can’t now.

It’s depressing.

And I dread coming online for fear of seeing my NOtp and getting more upset.


Acceptance, Total


I’m a woman and I work at a public library. I’m slowly working on feeling better about myself with changes to my physical appearance (short hair, working out, etc.) and so far so good. I’m starting to become more androgynous and I’m really happy with that! The other day at the library, a kid approached me with a concerned look.

Kid: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Me: “I’m a girl…mostly.”

Kid [without missing a beat]: “Oh, okay. Can you help me find a book?”